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Melody’s target is to teach, coach and produce excellence in those pursuing their purpose and significance.

She coaches a variety of leaders, from well-known ministers to entrepreneurs, to business executives to up-and-coming authors and speakers. Melody uses her expertise and training ability for personal leadership development and strategic planning in coaching, mentoring, workshops and seminars.



Unlock your potential through intentional and confidential One-on-One Coaching sessions.

Ministry Growth

Discover your ability to track and increase growth, as well as, plan for expansion in your ministry.

Event Planner

Stressed by Event Planning?
Want to improve your profit margin?
Melody can help!

Invite Melody to Speak at Your Event

“How you prepare for this opportunity determines what will come to you next.”

– Melody Barker

Enlarge Your Territory

Keys to understand and develop the power of your purpose.



Personal leadership development and influence.

How to Love Your Life

Limitless love for your day-to-day!

The Business of Ministry

How to build and sustain your ministry.

Let’s work together

Melody Barker is best known for teaching
and training.
Her interaction with those in attendance
is thought-provoking and memorable.
She loves the opportunity to speak
into the lives of those attending in person
or watching via live streaming. Email to invite her to your upcoming event, conference or inquire about her corporate training and team development.

"I believe that God is going to give you wisdom and revelation as well as the resources
and strategy you need to move forward with in your purpose."
- Melody Barker



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