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Are you ready for results?

Do you want more confidence?
Do you want to excel from your experiences?
Are you looking to expand beyond your current position in work or in your life?
What is one problem you’re facing right now that is preventing you from moving forward?
What is one goal that you have had a hard time reaching on your own?
What would it look like to solve the problem you are facing and reaching that almost unreachable goal?

Catalyst Coaching with Melody Barker can help you find the answers to these questions and more!

Finding these answers is part of your journey and is part of the process you will go through in your personalized Catalyst Coaching with Melody.

Life is more than identifying problems and roadblocks. Although these things make life more interesting and it’s what make each life so different, it can also be the cause behind lack of fulfillment, happiness and personal growth. 

Coaching is a process that is unique to each person’s needs, desires and wants.

Contact Melody today to set up an initial intake call. In this call, you will share your goals and desired outcome for coaching. Together, you and Melody will create a coaching plan that works for your schedule and budget. 

"I believe that God is going to give you wisdom and revelation as well as the resources
and strategy you need to move forward with in your purpose."
- Melody Barker

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