The Business of Ministry


How to Build and Sustain Your Ministry



Do you feel called to ministry but not sure where to start? Or maybe you have tried and failed, and now you’re trying to figure out how to start again.
Does the thought of handling the administration and finances for your ministry overwhelm you? This book will show you how to boldly take the best steps forward in building and sustaining your ministry. You have been entrusted with the call of God on your life. Don’t allow fear to block you from doing what God has called you to do. There is a necessary balance for the business side of your ministry. This book will give to the steps to take. You can do it!

Melody Barker is a seasoned ministry manager who has a thorough understanding of the practical nuts and bolts required to build and sustain a successful ministry. Too many qualified, anointed ministries flounder or fail because they lack the basic skills to operate the business side of ministry with excellence. That doesn’t have to be you!

“ … I wish I could have had a book like this 47 year ago!”
—Dr. Clarice Fluitt, Internationally Recognized Ministry Leader & Life Strategist

“ … the many practical insights … within The Business of Ministry will encourage you to build a strong ministry from the foundations up.”
—Patricia King, Founder of Patricia King Ministries, President of XP Media

“ … wisdom, practical advice, and intelligent perspective … a gift to any start-up or established ministry …”
—Annie Byrne, Executive Director for Momentum Ministries

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