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About Melody

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About Melody

Her target it to teach, coach and produce excellence in people pursuing their purpose and significance. She is an author, dynamic speaker, and coach. She has her own unique style and teaches with authority and wisdom beyond her years.

As a John Maxwell Team Certified speaker and coach, Melody understands leadership development and discovering your personal potential. Understanding these elements are key to bringing any organization or individual to their next level of success.

Enjoy sessions that bring life changing inspiration, spark change and reveal insight for overcoming obstacles. She is the granddaughter of Charles & Frances Hunter and daughter of Joan Hunter. Born in Houston, raised in Dallas, Melody enjoys life in Texas. She resides northwest of Houston.

Melody is a truly passionate coach who has certifications with The John Maxwell Team (as a speaker and coach) and Dave Ramsey (as a Financial Coach). She found that clients need a well-rounded and strategic approach to personal and business growth.

Melody is excited to help people just like you go from where you are to where you want to be. She has experienced the powerful results of coaching and she continues to be coached in both her personal and professional life.